We object to our corrupt political duopoly, and the far-Left is as bad as the far-Right. They both cherish campaign contributions and trade taxpayer dollars to get them. That must stop. They must clean up the corrupt money system or be unelected. Simple as that.

So we have but ONE issue…

… to eliminate our Supreme Court from the corruptive political system, and mandate 100% public funding of campaigns. Politicians may support this or lose our votes.

If we eliminate the corruption all other issues will fix themselves in time. If we don’t we will forever be tweaked and lied to by our politicians.

Our strategy — getting all politicians to pledge support and pass our one issue or he loses the vote of the 20% in the middle, usually the swing voters.

(Disclosure: I’m a moderate center-right Republican, and this may mean putting the Dems in temporary control, but I’m fed up that my party has been taken over by the far-right fringe and big money interests. I’m ready for change. Jack Lohman)

Then on to other corruptions in the system, like:

  1. Our two-party conspiracy. Only Ranked-choice voting will correct it.
  2. Adding a None-of-the-above choice on the voting ballot, thus forcing a new election with new candidates.

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