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My name is Jack Lohman. I'm a retired business owner, though my family calls me unemployed. I like it nonetheless. I am an advocate for campaign finance and health care reform. I am employed by no one, and at 74 nobody would have me anyway. But I'm deeply concerned with the direction of the country. I'm a center-right Republican, though the right-wingers call me left wing and the left-wingers call me right wing. I like it that way. I authored "Politicians - Owned and Operated by Corporate America," and operate the following websites: (political advocacy) Business Coalition for Single-Payer Healthcare (a founding member) (Book site: "Politicians - Owned and Operated by Corporate America") (Describes the benefits of public funding of campaigns) (Searchable database for smoke free restaurants) I can be reached at

Supreme Court Bombshell!

It overstepped its authority, and nobody wants you to know it! By Jack E. Lohman But the truth is out. Our politicians like the status quo, given to them by the Supreme Court. But a small group of citizens uncovered … Continue reading

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